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    Zoo Hack leads private, “one of a kind” tours of the best zoos in NYC, Chicago, and Washington DC. If Drunk History-meets-Animal Planet sounds like something you’d 100% watch, you are our kind of people. We do deep research into the animals and attractions to learn the facts you won’t find on the plaques, and then build out stories that connect with stuff in your life. Want to know everything there is to know about zebras? We can do that. Obsessed with elephants? Let’s do this. We’re not kitten around; we promise it’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a zoo tour.

    Our tours are designed to give you a “behind the scenes” look at the zoo’s best kept secrets — and insider knowledge about the animals we all love. Your tour includes hidden stories about the animals, games and activities, and fun group photos. When you book a private tour with us, you get priority scheduling with our top-tier guides, and an exclusive, insider look at the zoo that most visitors never see.

    Trust us – you’ve never seen the zoo like this before!  Every tour comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. What are you waiting for? Let’s cause some pandamonium!

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