About Zoo Hack

AKA where renegade zoo companies come from and why we are here.

Our History

In 2013, our team launched Museum Hack to spread the good word that museums are f***ing awesome! Since then, we've led thousands of tours of the world's best museums, including core operations in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC. Along the way, we've consulted for and fallen in love with zoos; home to amazing animals and a sanctuary for those that are becoming increasingly rare. We created Zoo Hack as a way to help share these amazing institutions with the world.

Our founder, Nick, leading an early museum tour.

Our Mission

Zoos, a nostalgic part of our childhood and the place they keep all the orangutans, have never been more relevant; they are on the forefront of environmental conservation and survival of near-extinct species. You've definitely seen dire headlines in the media: "Giraffes Are Going Extinct", "Penguin Habitats Are Disappearing at Alarming Rates". What's true, what's senationalism and what is in the murky space between? Zoo Hack exists to create clarity in the space, and to be a link to conservation and Earth-love for the masses. We believe when you fall for a zoo and it's animals, you'll be inspired to make the hard changes. F**k single use plastics and planned obsolescence, permanently.

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A group of people on tour.

About You

You seek unique experiences and are happy to pay for stuff that aligns with your values. And those values include cute animals just as much as they involve protecting habitats for those animals to live out in the real world. You like smart humor and love to learn, but learning for you doesn’t always look like traditional “sit and listen to someone lecture” learning. You learne through shared experiences and live to absorb other people’s passions. You’re millennial-minded, which means that you have a passion for avocados, but more importantly, for seeing the limitless potential in the world and searching for connection and understanding. You seek out what’s interesting, because you don’t want to settle for another boring experience. You’re a trailblazer, and you want your zoo tour to trail blaze, too.

Renegade Tours

We operate renegade tours of the world's best zoos. Every tour is small group, VIP, fast-paced, story-based and includes social elements and actions that give you new perspective on the animals and their habitats. Your tour is crafted by the individual guide and customized on the day of your tour for a one-of-a-kind experience. See all current tours below.

Our Team

Tasia Duske, CEO

Tasia is top-boss at Zoo Hack and our sister company Museum Hack, and oversees all operations. She is a fierce advocate for women in leadership, joyful management and practicing your warrior 1 on the F train. She also happens to love camels, because they are awesome.

Tasia Duske, CEO of Zoo Hack

Guides & Operations

Zoo Hack is made up of renegade tour guides who are star entertainers, performers, academics and nerds, plus a whiz-bang team of marketing, sales and operations professionals. From A-Ally to T-Taylor, investigate the ZH family tree below.

Ally LaBriola

Media Relations

    Bryce Weinert

    Operations Manager

      Carly Hill

      Marketing Manager

        Casi Richie

        Client Advisor

          Marielle Howell

          Sales Manager

            Michael Alexis

            Business Development

              Rebekah Clark Moody

              Internal Ops Specialist

                Sam Warnke

                Internal Ops Specialist

                  Tasia Duske


                    Taylor Gmahling

                    Marketing Associate