A New Kind of Zoo Experience

What do otters, penguins and tigers have in common? They are all pretty f***ing lit. Come on an unconventional zoo tour with us, and we'll share the wild facts and untold stories of the animals you thought you knew.

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A Smart, Fun, Renegade Way to Experience Zoos

Tour guide sharing a story with guests

Engaging Stories

An activity in the art gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Fun Activities

Four millennial women posing for a fun photo at the museum.

Epic Photos

A fun family tour.

Unique Memories

So, It's Going to Get a Little Wild

You probably visited a zoo when you were little and you probably thought it was pretty cool. You also probably got kind of tired half-way through, scarfed a PB&J and doddled away the hours. Here's a new take on zoos: they aren't just for kids. It turns out zoos (and nature) are pretty f***ing rad 🐅.

The Earth is awesome!

A World Class Experience at the Zoo!